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1991 Crocker Road
Suite 100
Westlake, OH 44145

Call Us: 440-925-3040

The girl behind the curtain

– Amy Tanski

Jokingly, once, I was referred to as Oz. The girl behind the curtain that makes everything happen. While I cannot take credit for all the hard work we do here at Balanced Asset Management, I do like to think I am an integral part of the support system that makes us function in a way that looks easy. My most fulfilling moments are when Jeff and Don tell me a meeting went perfectly and they had everything they needed. I then get to follow up and interact with all of you to accomplish the goals set in the review meetings. Because I do hold financial licenses, I am the go-to person for the trades we place, the change letters we send to explain those trades, the new account paperwork that we send you, and I process it when it comes back. I also track when to send you your appointment reminder cards and book your appointments. While I prefer to stay out of the spotlight, rest assured I have list upon checklist to ensure that your investments with us are on track and organized. So while you may not always see me, I am here and working hard to keep this train running.