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What You Should Expect

Your future should be as important to your financial advisor as it is to you. So we asked clients like you what their expectations were of their financial advisor. That was in 1989. Balanced Asset Management was founded on these expectations and continues to meet them today.

I want someone...

WHO who sees me regularly to review my situation.
WHO listens, and understands what I want to accomplish.
WHO is knowledgeable in all areas of investment planning such as retirement planning, taxes, and estate planning.
WHO is independent and able to draw from many investments, and hundreds of insurance companies (not a stock broker or insurance salesman who represent only one company).
WHO is a fee based advisor so I know he’s acting in my best interest.
WHO always remembers it’s my money and my life.
WHO is not a salesman, but an advisor, consultant and educator.
WHO gives me alternatives and explains them in terms I understand.
WHO is not pushy.

Different Active Strategy Investments for Different Clients

Usually what defines an investor is the level of risk they choose to take on. We adjust risk continually in our 3 Active Stategy Investments. Active, Conservative Active, and Active Plus. We research over 10,000 mutual funds and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and select the top 100 based on our analysis. These 100, form the possible ingredients for use in our Active Strategy investing.

From those 100, we select 10 funds to invest in. These ten funds are those demonstrating positive growth momentum. We adjust risk and monitor the funds that make up the Strategies daily. We invest using the whole risk spectrum. When the financial markets are good, we take advantage. But when markets begin to show signs of trouble, we move to a more protected position. For full details of our investment process click here.

Strategy Comparisons

You receive an update of every change

Since the whole idea of an Active Strategy is to move the risk spectrum continually, we make changes as soon as they are warranted. Your update includes the new risk level, as well as the previous risk level so you can see if we’ve moved to a safer position, or one that attempts to take advantage of current growth. Again, we do not predict. Predicting how markets will perform is impossible. We simply attempt to follow trends.

Read more about our process in Investment Philosophy and How We Invest.

The update to your investment change also includes a detail of what fund was SOLD, what fund was BOUGHT and the reason for the change. In addition, you receive an update on the allocation breakdown of the Strategy. For example:

Read more about our process in Investment Philosophy and How We Invest.