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Without a wrinkle. A little about Don.

– Amy Tanski

Don joined Balanced Asset Management in February, 2018. He had known us for years because he called on us as a wholesaler for Sun America. He knew our business model well and had spent a lot of time explaining his company’s mutual funds to the financial advisors in our office. But now I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Don as a true work partner.

He has some great qualities that every person would like on their resume: Diligent. Hardworking. Organized. But I’ve begun to appreciate some of his more unique traits.

I have no idea where he gets all his energy. At first I assumed he was fueled by coffee. One day he was in the office for work, left after work to catch a plane to Oklahoma to attend college orientation for his daughter, then caught another flight back the next day in time for a client meeting and never missed a stride. It’s not coffee. It’s his DNA. The Estate Planning Binder he created and introduced to clients was such an overwhelming success, he was having a hard time keeping up with his delivery promises. He was scheduled to leave town again to meet more clients in Florida. So he just said, “I need to pull an all-nighter and finish these.” I offered to stay and help and we finished by 9:00 pm. In that case coffee did contribute to our success.

Don is a man who can’t stand to have a wrinkle in his shirt. Literally, this man irons. But also figuratively. He is dedicated to perfection. And perfection to him means getting to know every client personally so he can help them meet their life goals. I am eager for all of you to meet him and welcome him to our team as we have.