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Inflation 101: 5 Ways to Stay on Track with Your Financial Goals

| June 15, 2023

Lately, the effects of inflation are everywhere. Almost everything we buy is getting more expensive, and while current prices won’t last forever, they can have a lasting impact on our budgets and our longer-term financial goals.

The good thing about inflation is that it forces us to re-evaluate our spending and saving habits. And you don’t have to overhaul your life to make a difference, either – even small changes add up.

Some good advice I’ve seen lately:

  • Be more conscious at the grocery store by buying store brands instead of name-brand items or shopping at discount outlets like Aldi.
  • Cancel unnecessary subscription services. Even though most of these are only $10-15/month, they add up!
  • Revisit budgets, especially if they’re more than a year old.
  • Get new car insurance quotes, especially if you’re doing more remote work now.

It’s natural to be nervous about what inflation could mean for your financial future. If you have concerns, or just want to gut-check your budget, send me an email or give me a call to get started!