Investment Process

Our "Active Strategies":<br/>An Alternative to Traditional Buy &#38; Hold

Our "Active Strategies":
An Alternative to Traditional Buy & Hold

While we offer a wide range of investment options, our "Active Strategies" are a cornerstone of Balanced Asset Management. This innovative investment approach allows our clients to mitigate risk while participating in growth opportunities that exist in the ever-changing environment of today's financial markets. 

Buy and hold strategies may work in a bull market such as the one experienced in the 1980's, 1990's and 2010's, but there are inherent risks for using those strategies in a bear market such as the one experienced in the 2000's. 

By using an active management method, we offer the advantage of adaptability and responsiveness to market fluctuations. We consistently monitor price trends to identify individual companies and asset classes that are showing strength. We then use our proprietary research to make investment recommendations based on this data. If we are not observing positive momentum, our investment models will shift. If there is a consistent downturn in the market, our investment models can safely move to cash. 

Staying "active" allows us to proactively monitor market dynamics and adjust investment strategies accordingly.

Investment Selection

A porfolio of investments is created based on your financial goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. This allows for an investment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Daily Monitoring

The prices of the investments in your portfolio are monitored on a daily basis. This enables timely decision-making to capitalize on emerging opportunities or mitigate risks.

Ability to Move Safer 

If there is a negative downturn in the market, our investment models can safely exit the market and move to cash. This allows us to reduce risk and protect your financial assets.

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