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Jeff Meissner

Jeff Meissner

Founding Partner (Retired)

Jeff began Balanced Asset Management in 1989.  

In the spring of 2000 when the tech bubble burst, Jeff watched as America’s portfolios dwindled in the historic meltdown. He knew there had to be a better way to invest his clients’ hard earned fortunes. The universally accepted buy and hold investment philosophy, had failed. So he developed a better way. Instead of picking a certain risk level such as “moderate” and staying at that risk level whether the investment world was soaring or crashing, he thought, why not move risk back and forth. Instead, increase risk when the markets were good and decrease risk when everything was crashing. He refined his concept for seven years before opening it up to client investment dollars. Now, the Active Strategies are the cornerstone of Balanced Asset Management and have been for a over a decade. Jeff proudly and successfully served his clients for over 35 years and built relationships that lasted multiple generations. For that, he expresses humble gratitude. 

Jeff is currently enjoying retirement in Florida with his beautiful wife Jan.